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California High-Speed Rail Authority: Del Monte Phase II Environmental Site Assessment

California High-Speed Rail Authority


One challenging parcel acquired by the Authority is the former Del Monte Food Processing plant in downtown Fresno, California. During the Phase I ESA, it was discovered that the site had a history of leaking underground fuel oil storage tanks. The tanks, built in the 1930s, had been leaking for 50 years. As a result, Soar Environmental staff provided a Phase II ESA for the Del Monte site.


Soar Environmental staff evaluated a Phase I ESA previously prepared on the Del Monte site by another firm, identifying recognized environmental conditions due to the leaking underground storage tanks (UST). In addition, we conducted a Phase II ESA in compliance with ASTM E1903-11. Phase II ESAs screen for the presence of contaminants of concern using data collected from soil borings. We used a drilling rig to assess subsurface soil conditions to collect soil samples from depth, then submitted them to a California Certified analytical laboratory for chemical analysis. Finally, we provided a Phase II ESA Report that included a summary of field activities performed, analytical results from the laboratory, and recommendations for additional steps.


Soar Environmental completed the Phase II ESA and, through diligent research, determined that all five USTs had been successfully removed with no future Recognized Environmental Conditions. As a result, the Initial Study was able to proceed. Soar Environmental determined that the project had a less than significant impact on hazards and hazardous waste.

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