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Underwater Inspections

Count on Soar Environmental Consulting pilots to conduct underwater inspections prior to construction activities to ensure that your project is not delayed due to unforeseen issues. Our Soar pilots utilize an underwater benthic vehicle to inspect for leaks in dams, pressure changes on penstocks or intakes, “Grizzly” condition, valve blockage, or simply finding a lost item.

Ready for construction? Do you know what may be in your path?

We equip our vehicles with 180 degree sonar viewers that allow for a clear, unobstructed view of your dam intake system or discharge area as well as the sonar location of medium to large items on or against your dam.

Keep your project on budget!

We can determine blockage issues and silt depth before you drain the pool!  If you are not sure what you will be facing when draining your lake or water body, we can certainly assist.  We can map the bottom of the lake, look for felled trees near your outlets, find historical coffer dams, and/or abandoned construction remnants.  Our underwater inspection cameras will give you the “fish-eye” view you need to find issues before construction commencement.  We can assist to keep your project on time and under budget.

SeaBotix unmanned underwater vehicle.

Sometimes it happens…

I’ve been there before – employees sometimes drop tools or other items of value off Dams, boat launches, docks or piers.  If you need something recovered, give Soar Environmental Consulting a call.  We will soar on down to locate and recover your item!  We would love any excuse to dive in to recover your lost valuables.


Soar Environmental Consulting can use benthic vehicles to recover what may have been lost. If you have a need for personal underwater inspection and recovery, then you’ve soared to the right place! To learn more about benthic vehicles please visit SeaBotix.

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"Soar's fees are very reasonable considering the level of service, dedication and drive one receives as a client. We will certainly look to Soar again in the future for our Environmental Consulting needs."
Loren Roy
“We have used Soar Environmental consulting services to assist compliance with California Environmental regulations and our experience was very good. The team brought up insightful recommendations to meet the requirements with reasonable solutions. Clear and helpful communication, always keeping us informed with the work activities and overall project progress. We’ll continue to use their services in California as we expand our portfolio in the region.”
Michel Menezes
Convergent Energy + Power
“It was an excellent experience! The customer service from beginning to end was outstanding.”
Federal Bureau of Prisons
"The Chukchansi Indian Housing Authority did work with Soar Environmental Consulting and we were very satisfied with the work they completed for CIHA."
Lorita Silvas
Picayune Rancheria Housing Director

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