LIDAR and Aerial Thermographic Photography

Soar Environmental Consulting has a variety of specialized cameras to meet your needs, including the use of LIDAR and Aerial Photography using thermography, or thermal imaging. Operating LIDAR cameras, or completing aerial photography using thermography on a UAV Platform offers the potential for significant savings over conventional airplane or helicopter operations.

Superior coverage area for an accurate view of your system

Multiple manufacturers have mastered building cameras small enough to be carried by a UAV, so there are many camera choices available now.  Additionally, UAV LIDAR provides a much greater coverage area than ground-based LIDAR methods.  LIDAR images from a UAV will not have shadow effect and will provide a much more pronounced picture for reviewing assets such as poles, antennas, and aerial stations.

3D LIDAR and Aerial Photography

3D LIDAR cameras operate similar to a typical digital camera – but there’s nothing typical about this technology.  Of course, the most sensational difference is the capability of having 3D “depth” images of the ground or area of concern.  The camera works through emitting a laser flash pulse, whose travel time to the target and back is recorded aboard the UAV. The travel time is converted into a 3D image for use in GIS technology, or perhaps to measure depths and view locations that are otherwise unobtainable.  Before spending hundreds of thousands  of dollars on fixed-wing aircraft or helicopter operations for fly-overs using conventional methods, contact us and let’s see how we can soar together!

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Aerial Thermography

Utilizing our UAV coupled with a thermal imaging camera and software, Soar Environmental Consulting will capture Thermographical images of Photovoltaic Plants, Solar Rooftop Projects, or solar residential housing projects in order to discern the overall health of your solar power system.

Photo Thermography is cutting-edge technology that can distinguish between peak performing Solar Panel Arrays from components that are experiencing issues such as overheating, arcing, or power loss. Our UAV System out competes other markets due to our extended flight time and stabilization system and lower overhead costs.

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