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Complying with CEQA, NEPA, and regulatory agency environmental requirements shouldn’t keep your project grounded.

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Soar Environmental Consulting

We soar above the competition by offering comprehensive expert environmental consulting services, utilizing cutting edge technology, and providing a seamless customer experience.

In 2024, Soar Environmental Consulting celebrates its 10th anniversary of delivering expert environmental consulting services. You will find us with locations from Los Angeles, the Central Valley, to Sacramento. Contact us for a free consultation. We’ll help you satisfy your environmental consulting requirements, no matter the agency you are working with. Our services will help you implement and manage tailored environmental planning projects for CEQA/NEPA. Technical reporting includes biological, cultural, geotechnical, aquatic, and hazardous waste, remediation, and aerial assessments. We leverage our agency partnerships for regulatory permitting and associated permissions projects. Our partners include construction, transportation, and the utilities industries. We service state and federal agencies, city and county jurisdictions, and private developers throughout California. We team with many contractors on a variety of projects. It’s simple: our team will help you with the expert experience your project demands. Contact us today. 


What We Offer

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Solar Environmental Consulting focuses on assisting stakeholders in meeting and maintaining environmental requirements and policies from plan conception through completion.

Unmanned Aerial Inspection Services

Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) inspections have several advantages over traditional inspection including access to remote or impassable areas, higher safety, and better cost effectiveness.

Construction Management Consulting

Our construction management services ensure every aspect of your project is thoughtfully planned out, including anticipating unexpected issues that would otherwise hold up a job.

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The Soar Difference

Our tenets are simple, based on military expertise, and expounded upon through professional knowledge and practical application.

"The Soar Environmental team can be trusted to complete all your environmental studies and mitigation. The Soar team of experts will perform your studies, review your project and create a mitigation plan that allows you to begin construction with the confidence that all your environmental compliance and mitigation has been handled in a professional manner." 

Steven J. Macias . Civil Engineer

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The Soar Environmental Consulting team would be honored to assist your business in any way possible and will strive to ensure your projects receive the utmost attention. How can we help you?

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