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Construction Administration Services

Keeping Your Project On Track

Infrastructure construction management projects for utilities, transportation, or water conveyance require attention to detail. The Soar Environmental Consulting construction management team will assist partners in all phases of their projects, whether the project is in the Bid Phase or the Construction Phase. As the Bid Stage progresses, meetings require staff to answer questions from bidders, review of bid proposals, and assistance within clarifications requested by bidders. You count on Soar Environmental Staff to provide the required administrative expertise. As construction projects progress, Soar Environmental Staff will be there every step of the way. You can rely on our Managers to supply the necessary expertise in multiple areas, including facilitating regularly scheduled construction progress meetings, reviewing shop drawings, product data, Operations and Maintenance manuals, and more. As construction or equipment testing occurs or change orders are received, or even participating in a punch list walkthrough to identify all non-conforming construction or installation issues, Soar Environmental Staff will meet the demands of your project.

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The Soar team would be honored to assist your business in any way possible and will strive to ensure your projects receive the utmost attention.
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