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Caltrans – Aerially Deposited Lead Study, Tulare, California



Based on historical use of leaded gasoline along a half-mile stretch of Mooney Boulevard (State Highway 63) in Tulare, CA and Caltrans had not conducted Aerially Deposited Lead studies in the area, Soar Environmental was contracted to study soils within shallow soil (upper three feet) adjacent to the existing traveled road. 


The Soar Environmental geologist and environmental engineer inspected the site to observe the existing surface conditions and marking of sample sites. USA Underground was called to clear all boring sites. Thirteen sites were marked. As directed by the California Department of Toxic Substance Control, boring depths were outlined. A laboratory testing program of the soils was performed. The Soar Environmental Scientist reviewed and analyzed the lab data accumulated and prepared an in-depth ADL Investigation report with findings and recommendations. 


Five of the soil samples were above thresholds and required further testing. Finally, determinations were made for the project’s proper use and disposal of contaminated soil.

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