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Pacific Steel Group Case Study, 5 locations in California, and Tacoma, Washington

Pacific Steel Group

Pacific Steel Group Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan Services 

Maintaining compliance with a firm’s stormwater pollution prevention plan (SWPPP) is job number one for Pacific Steel Group (PSG), a leading independent reinforcing steel fabricator in California. Soar Environmental Consulting assists PSG with this ongoing process. SWPPP is designed to address the following: Identify and evaluate all sources of pollutants that may affect the quality of industrial stormwater discharges. Identify and describe the minimum best management practices implemented to reduce or prevent pollutants in industrial stormwater discharges. Identify and describe conditions or circumstances which may require future revisions to be made to the SWPPP.

Soar Environmental provides regular stormwater compliance services at five California locations for PSG. Our team provides necessary permit registration compliance through the Stormwater Multiple Application and Report Tracking System (SMARTS). We deploy during qualifying storm events to provide sampling, analysis and reporting to the SMARTS database. We also provide project site descriptions for stormwater runoff, SWPPP amendments to keep up with best management practices, a host of other necessary compliance services.

For PSG, Soar Environmental’s attention to detail resulted in PSG adding three new California locations under our contract. It’s always a testament to Soar Environmental when your partner says, “We like what you are doing to help us stay compliant and protecting the environment for generations to come.” 

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