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FERC Licensing Aquatic Studies at Big Creek, Fresno County, CA

Southern California Edison and Cardno Inc


Due to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, or FERC, licensing along the Big Creek watershed in the Central California Sierra Nevada,  Southern California Edison and Cardno Inc., along with Soar Environmental, are assisting with aquatic studies to protect listed species. The aquatic studies include water temperature, Western Pond Turtle populations, and Foothill Yellow-legged Frog locations during the breeding season. 


Soar Environmental is providing our biology team to support for these license conditions. Our team assists with installing and maintaining loggers in the Horseshoe Bend Reach of the San Joaquin River upstream of Big Creek No. 4 Powerhouse of the San Joaquin River. In addition, we assist in assessing Western Pond Turtle population abundance and population structure based on trapping and marking turtles at study sites in several San Joaquin River locations. Additionally, Soar Environmental biologists are collecting eDNA samples for Foothill Yellow-legged Frog at six locations during the expected breeding season, typically during late spring/early summer after high flows have receded and water temperature is appropriate. Sample locations are along the San Joaquin River.


Our teams continue to provide outstanding environmental services for these necessary aquatic studies. Some of these sites are in extremely remote locations. However, our biologists are up to the task and support our partners with their expertise, dedication, and drive.

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