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Active Environmental Mission is Good Business

Fresno, California – The more your business is dialed into your environmental mission and responsibility, the more one’s contribution to the environment and their business is realized. That seems like a reasonable statement. So why do many firms put their environmental responsibility on the back burner? Or why do some firms not even make protecting the environment part of their firm’s social responsibility? Perhaps they haven’t taken the time to learn what their compliance responsibilities are and why being engaged environmentally is good business.

An Active Environmental Mission is Good for Business

Environmental Stewardship is the responsible use, management, and protection of the natural environment.

Roseanne Bottone – Lion Technology

In a recent article by Rosanne Bottone at, she says that following a path of environmental compliance for all sizes of companies makes perfect business sense, “A robust and cohesive corporate environmental policy can minimize your company’s negative impact on the environment and even reverse existing damages. Strong environmental stewardship can also yield positive financial implications for the business.”

So how is this achieved? Bottone points out that when a firm looks at what they are doing with compliance requirements, reusing, and recycling, etc., a firm’s environmental footprint is lessened and exposure to environmental regulatory violations is minimized and even becomes non-existent.

“With the right approach, a company may: use fewer virgin materials in your processes; reduce waste generation and its corresponding regulatory responsibilities; release smaller quantities of toxic chemicals into the environment; decrease water and energy consumption; and minimize pollution that contributes to climate change.” Says Bottone.

And the environmental benefits can be improved business results including, increased revenue as many prospects look for firms with environmental compliance in order. Improved reputation can be realized as everyone wants to work with an environmental winner! Cost savings and innovation are realized by improving efficiencies with chemicals, equipment use, and waste practices. And last but certainly not least, is being a leader in environmental stewardship puts a firm in a position to have other firms and agencies look up to them.

Bottone finishes with this, “By thinking of environmental protection as an opportunity to create value, you can find ways to reduce costs, minimize waste, and positively impact your organization’s bottom line.”

We couldn’t agree more.

Soar Environmental Consulting, Inc. is a California Disabled Veteran Business Enterprise. Our multidisciplinary staff of professionals provide the environmental technical expertise for CEQA and NEPA analysis and permitting for infrastructure projects and environmental program oversight for both public and private agencies.