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Stantec Caltrans Soil Survey, Fresno County, California



Caltrans is planning improvements to SR-99 within the City of Fresno, from the 99/41 interchange in the south to approximately Herndon in the north. They hired Stantec as the prime contractor to conduct an aerially deposited lead (ADL) investigation of the soils surrounding the highway (the dirt in the shoulders along east side, 99 North, and west side, 99 south). Stantec contracted with Soar Environmental to provide field support during the investigation.


In January 2020, Soar Environmental staff safely completed sample collection at approximately 100 sample locations along the SR-99 alignment. This sample collection consisted of manually auguring soil to collect samples at 3 depths: 1 ft, 2 ft, 3 ft.


The soil samples were provided to Stantec at the close of business each day, all samples were deemed viable by Stantec and submitted to a laboratory for analysis.

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