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PG&E Substation Expansion Project Construction and BMP Monitoring Project, Sanger, California


Ecology and Environment, Inc., now WSP USA, Inc., subcontracted with PG&E on the current California Public Utilities Commission Sanger Substation Expansion Project in unincorporated Fresno County, California. The project involves the reconfiguration of the existing Sanger Substation into a new breaker-and-a-half bus configuration, including the installation of new transmission equipment onsite and the removal of obsolete structures. Soar Environmental Consulting is currently supporting WSP USA, PG&E, and the CPUC in providing environmental compliance monitoring services as part of the project’s mitigation, monitoring, compliance, and reporting plan.  

Scope of Work

Soar Environmental is the primary field personnel for the CPUC and is responsible for verifying compliance with project requirements at the project site as directed by the CPUC Monitoring Team. Construction Monitoring services include up to 39 inspections per year. The primary responsibilities of Soar Environmental include inspection of the project site, documenting construction and compliance activities, and reporting potential compliance incidents, as well as preparing and submitting monitoring reports to the CPUC Monitoring Supervisor and relaying any important information about the project delivered in the field. Skills demonstrated by our Construction Monitors include the understanding of communications and reporting methods, familiarity with all compliance requirements, and submission plans. Soar Environmental is required to maintain a record of any and all observed incidents of non-compliance with measures and requirements and must always be prepared to discuss the necessary compliance corrections with the relevant authorities.


Over the last two years, Soar Environmental staff has expertly visited the project site to provide first-rate and professional compliance monitoring to the complete satisfaction of WSP, PG&E, and the CPUC. Our team is on top of compliance plans to see that they are successfully executed to draft Site Inspection Reports to present the observations and recommendations of our Construction Monitor to the CPUC. WSP and PG&E are proud to have Soar Environmental staff on-site knowing the work will be completed to the highest professional standards.

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