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Regulatory Agencies: Technical expertise in developing and implementing revegetation and site restoration plans within construction areas. California, U.S.A.

Soar staff have developed large diverse teams of scientists, project managers and skilled technical employees to ensure FERC, USACE, USDA-FS, EPA, USFWS, CDFW, DOT, DSOD, RWQCB, CUBA and other environmental agencies and NGOs throughout watersheds in Central and Southern California. Soar professionals have technical expertise in the development and implementation of revegetation and site restoration plans within construction areas in accordance with permit requirements. Our professional staff have written and implemented dozens of §1600, 401 and 404 permits, and developed stream restoration plans including the restoration of a tributary of the San Joaquin River which had been negatively impacted by cattle grazing. Upon completion of the restoration portion of the project, biologists monitored plant growth performance, and surveyed and mapped invasive plant species.

Soar Environmental Consulting professionals have conducted environmental analyses within California for over 20 years. The breadth of our vast experience is matched only by our expertise in liaising with Federal, State, and Local regulatory agencies. We at Soar are extremely proud of our successful communication and cooperation with the various regulatory agencies, and our reputation with the local agencies and specific regulatory personnel are nothing short of exemplary. We have a unique skill set directly related to Hydroelectric and feel our firm will be of great value in not providing a distinct advantage over the competition during the proposal selection phase, but also in implementing the measures of the contract. We look forward to teaming with your company on this, and many other exciting new endeavors.

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