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Developers: M and Em Homes LLC, Madera County, California

M and Em Homes LLC

The developer partnered with Soar Environment Consulting to support an application with the US Army Corp of Engineers (USACE). The property they were developing contained a Blue-Line stream, so Madera County requested formal approval from USACE to proceed with the project. The process is complicated, and the client reached out to multiple firms for support. Our client says that Soar stood out from the others because we took the time to explain the complexities of the application, risks, and potential paths forward. After quite a few discussions, the client decided to proceed with a Preliminary Jurisdictional Delineation (PJD) report and work associated with developing its content. Our team was able to set expectations with our client, who said, “Soar always met or exceeded expectations throughout the process.” In the end, after several meetings with USACE, the final report was agreed upon.

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