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Federal: Bureau of Prisons Environmental Services, Lompoc and Dublin, California

Bureau of Prisons Environmental Services


The United States Federal Correctional Complex (FCC) Lompoc received a Notice of Violation (NOV) from the Central Coast Regional Water Quality Control Board (Board) on April 3, 2019 for “Failure to Submit Stormwater Annual Reports and Water Code Section 13383 Reports”. FCC Lompoc tasked Soar Environmental to provide FCC Lompoc with environmental services to consult with the Board and develop a plan to address the NOV.

Given the amount of reports and other tasks necessary to properly address the NOV, Soar Environmental Consulting researched the permit conditions, conducted a project kickoff meeting, and took the initial step to consult with the Board on pressing compliance concerns and develop Board-approved short-term compliance measures that were implemented immediately as part of the long-term strategy to bring FCC Lompoc into compliance with the 2013 Small MS4 Permit. Soar Environmental then developed and implemented a Permit Management Plan with a schedule to address long-term stormwater issues as indicated in the NOV. This proposal addressed the initial consultation and short-term measures and is now followed by a proposal for the Permit Management Plan development and implementation.

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