Team Overview

Soar Environmental is comprised of biologists, archaeologists, geologists, environmental scientists, cultural resources specialists, environmental consultants, project managers, program managers, and planners in Fresno and from multiple California regions. Therefore, we understand the prevalent issues surrounding environmental resources within the local and regional areas and have direct experience with the requirements statewide. In addition, our team has longstanding regional agency relationships and can tailor environmental documents and studies that ensure compliance and address each agency’s unique concerns, thus streamlining work and avoiding costly resubmittal.

Michael J. Murphy

Chief Executive Officer/ Lead Environmental Program Oversight ManagerMichael is the Principal/CEO of Soar Environmental with over 18 years of firsthand experience providing leadership; environmental management; program management; license negotiation and permitting negotiations and implementation; and practical consulting support for clients across California

Elyse Murphy

DirectorElyse brings more than 10 years of utility consultation, cost control and scheduling. She is experienced with engineering, design, construction, and project controls management. Her robust team experiences include 3rd party negotiation, project management and compliance directly with electric utility organizations. Additionally, Elyse has managed transmission, distribution and generation sectors of regulated utilities throughout California.

Matthew Fidel

Sr. Project Manager Matt has over 15 years of leading CEQA/NEPA compliance, specializing in environmental clearances and permits, engineering, sustainability, hazardous waste, pollution prevention, environmental management, program management, environmental planning, and project development for major infrastructure projects.

Evan Studley

Sr. Geologist/Project Manager/Stormwater LeadEvan Studley has a wide breadth of experience in developing and managing all facets of Construction Projects, including construction oversight, SWPPP development, HazWaste, and SWPPP compliance oversight, CEQA and NEPA permitting, conducting geological surveys, Phase I and Phase II Environmental Site Assessments (ESA), hydrogeological investigations, fish habitat conservation, stream restoration, biological surveys, and soil and groundwater remediation throughout California and Nevada. His field experience includes observations of the release of hazardous materials through stressed vegetation, soil staining, leachate, waste material buildup, water discoloration, odor, and sheen identification.

Casey Stewman

Sr. Ecologist/Regulatory Specialist With over 20 years of experience, Casey is the Soar Environmental Waters leader. His robust body of work includes wetland delineations on public and private lands, Federal and State permitting leadership, CEQA/NEPA ecology, botany and wildlife biology. He manages projects including biological risk assessment, federal and state property acquisition coordination, and restoration ecology.

Travis Albert

Sr. Biologist Travis has over 15 years of experience conducting biological surveys and monitoring for different public and private agencies. He is well versed in wetland delineation studies, CEQA/NEPA Plant and Animal Biological Resources Assessments, Botanical studies, and collecting and analyzing data using ArcGIS, AGOL, Avenza, Survey 123, and Collector apps. He is also experienced with survey techniques and protocols for special-status species of plants, mammals, raptors, other nesting birds, amphibians, fish, and their associated habitats.

Danielle Aparicio

Biologist With over 5 years of experience, Danielle specializes in animal behavior, biological monitoring, wildlife species surveys, habitat assessments, wetland delineations, biological resources assessments, and jurisdictional delineations, with over five years of experience in the field. She is a USFWS-approved General Biological Monitor for San Joaquin Kit Fox, California Tiger Salamander, and Tipton Kangaroo Rat. In addition, she is a CDFW-approved General Biological Monitor for Swainson's Hawk and San Joaquin Kit Fox, all within Construction Package 2-3 of the California High-Speed Rail Project.

Rebecca Fay

Biologist Rebecca has over 15 years of experience with biological monitoring, construction monitoring, pre-construction, rare plant, and sensitive species surveys, specializing in nesting birds. In addition, she has firsthand experience with an extensive list of animal species found throughout California.

Cherie Yang

Biologist Cherie Yang is a senior biologist with a robust background in herpetology, mammalogy, and permitting. Cherie’s experience includes biological surveys and construction monitoring, pre-construction and construction surveys, permit management, state, and federal environmental compliance, CEQA and NEPA reporting, and water management. She has extensive firsthand experience with threatened, endangered, and other special status species.

Clare Walton

Environmental Specialist Clare's experience spans multiple countries and industries. With over eight years of experience on projects ranging from mega/major infrastructure to minor infrastructure and development. Clare implements client processes and procedures on projects with bespoke delivery strategies. In addition, she currently undertakes desktop investigations and research into the key areas of potential impact, identifying mitigation where necessary, and assists with CEQA/NEPA document development.

Jon Sarquis

Sr. Marketing Manager With several years of insightful leadership, Jon has a senior role with our environmental team. His experience includes brand management, demand generation, business development, and project coordination with clients and jurisdictional agency leaders. Jon provides genuineness, expertise, dedication, and drive for the prompt delivery of services for our partners. He began his career as a broadcaster and transitioned to corporate marketing to assist firms in reaching their goals for project development. His entry into the environmental community has been met with a true appreciation for his people-first orientation, winning track record, positive attitude, and environmental savvy.

Joe Bashore

Project Manager/Environmental Planner With over six years of environmental planning, consulting, and project management, Joe guides projects through the CEQA process from beginning to completion. He currently coordinates and writes environmental impact sections for Soar Environmental projects. He is also involved with projects requiring NEPA experience, local, regional, state, and federal permitting, traffic trip and VMT analysis, and client relations.

Marcus Patton

Environmental Scientist, QSD, QSP, QISP Marcus is an Environmental Scientist/Analyst with stormwater leadership and offering expertise in Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan development and inspections and field data collection procedures. He has contributed to various projects ranging from construction to fisheries and flora management. In addition to fieldwork, he has experience with staff management, project budget management, and technical report writing.

Heather Froshour

Sr. Archaeologist, R.P.A Ms. Froshour is a registered professional archaeologist and cultural resources specialist with extensive experience in field and technical work. This experience including cultural resources monitoring, site survey, phase 1-3 excavations, and anthropology on various projects throughout the United States. She has a combined 8 years of experience in academic, consulting, museum, and public archaeology, and has worked in CRM since 2013 throughout various regions of the United States. She routinely assesses cultural resources for project related effects and their significance, provides cultural resource mitigation services, directs archaeological surveys of both excavation and pedestrian methods, and prepares documents for Section 106 of the NHPA, CEQA, and NRHP.

Benjamin Arax

BiologistMr. Arax is a professional biologist with extensive experience in biological and stormwater projects. His sensitive species experiences include California tiger salamander, Designated Biologist for Swainson’s hawk, Blunt-nosed leopard lizard, and San Joaquin kit fox. Mr. Arax is also an approved biologist on the California High-Speed Rail project in Fresno and Madera Counties. He is an adept learner and quickly tackles new regulatory and compliance projects.

Germaine Ricablanca

BiologistMr. Arax is a professional biologist with extensive experience in biological and stormwater projects. His sensitive species experiences include California tiger salamander, Designated Biologist for Swainson’s hawk, Blunt-nosed leopard lizard, and San Joaquin kit fox. Mr. Arax is also an approved biologist on the California High-Speed Rail project in Fresno and Madera Counties. He is an adept learner and quickly tackles new regulatory and compliance projects.

Gloria Campos

Environmental AnalystAs an enterprising, self-motivated professional, Gloria provides valuable resources to businesses in their future planning, with the goal of protecting people’s health, minimizing society’s impact on the environment, and protecting the ecosystem. Gloria has experience with the management of Hazardous Waste Manifests, compliance with Environmental Permit requirements, providing audit and quality control expertise, database management, and technical writing, with a background in business administration and marketing analysis.