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Soar Environmental Joins the Adopt a Highway Program

What is Adopt a Highway?

The California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) Adopt-A-Highway (AAH) Program was established in 1989 to beautify California’s highways and roads. Caltrans welcomes the public to donate materials and services to assist in road maintenance. The program allows individuals, businesses, and organizations to participate by doing the service themselves or by hiring a service provider. AAH Participation focuses primarily on removing general litter but allows participants to go to the extent of planting trees or wildflowers, removing graffiti, and controlling vegetation. Adoption permits are granted to participants in two-mile stretches for five-year periods.

Why should you participate?

Participating in AAH is totally free! Caltrans provides participants with all bags, trash pickers, and Personality Protective Equipment (PPE) needed for clean-up and will dispose of all trash bags themselves. Participating positively impacts the local community, allowing volunteer and sponsor groups to promote community engagement. The Adopt-A-Highway program provides groups with a courtesy sign to recognize their hard work.

Why does Soar Environmental participate?

Soar Environmental Consulting believes in giving back to the local community! We do that in part by giving some time to help beautify our local highways! We look forward to each clean-up event and work hard to make our portion aesthetically pleasing for everyone to appreciate. We are doing our part along the CA-168 Freeway off Fowler Avenue in Clovis! We encourage anyone and everyone in their local community to join us in this outstanding program!

How can you apply?

AAH is a free-of-charge program; you can find the application here (Online Adopt-A-Highway Volunteer Application). If a group is interested in planting trees or wildflowers on their adopted portion, they must first obtain permission from Caltrans and follow their guidelines found here: · Planting trees (How to Prepare Tree and Shrub Planting Plans and Work Schedule (PDF)) · Planting wildflowers (How to Prepare Wildflower Planting Plans and Work Schedule (PDF))