Dangerous Winds Force Power Shutoffs in California

High winds and power lines don’t mix…

This round of power shutoffs are impacting over a million Californians.

Central California – Monday 10.26.20 – A dangerous wind event coupled with dry hot conditions is forcing Pacific, Gas and Electric to use their ‘Public Safety Power Shutoff’ program across northern and central California. As of this writing 36 of the 58 counties in California are impacted. The shutoffs began Sunday evening and will remain in effect to at least Tuesday and perhaps all the way into Wednesday.

Over a million Californians are being impacted by this recent power shutoff. The PG&E website say this about their “PSPS” program, “We turn off power to help prevent wildfire and keep communities safe. Multiple factors are at play when deciding to turn off your power and we take the decision very seriously. Although you may not live or work in a high fire-threat area or an area experiencing high winds, your power may be shut off if your home or business relies on a line that runs through an area with extreme weather. Power lines aren’t always connected according to neighborhood, so your power could stay on, while a neighborhood across the street could be turned off.”

The Associated Press is reporting that Scientists say climate change has made California much drier, meaning trees and other plants are more flammable. Traditionally October and November are the worst months for fires, but already this year the state has seen more than 8,600 wildfires that have scorched a record 6,400 square miles (16,576 square kilometers) and destroyed about 9,200 homes, businesses and other structures. There have been 31 deaths.

For the latest official information about this round of PSPS’s, log on to PGE.Com

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